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Best of 2007 – Part 2

Posted in Construction

July.   In this case, the design professional was sued for not adequately warning its client of the creeping costs associated with a dewatering system.

August.   The fabled Severin doctrine — little noticed by Washington courts — made not one but two appearances in 2007.

September.   The Supreme Court extended the Olympic Steamship doctrine to payment and performance surety bonds on construction projects.

October.   The insurance company in this case lost its ability to assert the "your work" exclusion as a coverage defense based on its bad faith meddling in the underlying litigation.

November.   The AGC broke with the AIA for the first time in 50 years and refused to endorse the 2007 modifications to the A201 and related forms.

December.  The biggest news happened this month.  See details below the fold.