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Construction Humor

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We missed April 1 this year, and vow not to do so in future.  To make up for that omission, in the "what were they thinking" department:  http://blog.miragestudio7.com/wp-content/uploads2/2007/09/construction_errors_error_mistake_slope_steep.jpg  We’d be curious to know how this ended up, if anyone knows.

Municipalities Shut Down Haunted Houses as “Unsafe Structures”

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If your Halloween festivities include building a haunted house, take care to comply with any local regulations that apply to the structures or your attraction could be shut down. Examples abound this time of year. Officials in Tonawanda, New York, have shut down one haunted house that had become a 15-year long tradition in its neighborhood. In an… Continue Reading

Where’s My Blender?

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OK, after a week in Mexico on vacation, yours truly in back in the saddle and ready to continue bringing you the latest and greatest in all matters construction…but in the meantime, I offer a few harmless graphics as a reminder of a great week away and a harbinger of things to come now that the weather… Continue Reading

No Good Deed…

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Woe betide the construction lawyer hired by The Donald who bags a $2 million verdict for the real estate developer in a claim against a contractor who built a golf course – only to get sued by Trump for attorney malpractice.  Geez.

New Jokes

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Thanks to a tip from a vigilant reader who is plainly using this website for its intended purpose, here’s a fresh crop of construction jokes for your amusement….

When in Rome…

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Do owners have unrealistic expectations?  Click here for the answer Download file

More Lawyer Jokes…

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A hefty dose of lawyer jokes for your amusement — not really related to construction but received from a friend in the industry.  Close enough.   Download file

A Joke to End the Week…

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…at the risk of contributing to the already abundant collection of anti-lawyer jokes, at least this one has something to do with construction.

Slang of the Day

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OK, after a lot of heavy stuff this week, we deserve something on the lighter side. Here’s a link for the humor collection, a potpourri of industry slang which ranges from the useful to the bizarre. Cranial disharmony? Cloon?

Road Kill Photos

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Now that we’re into Day 25 of the rain streak, we feel obligated to post some additional humor — this time a rotating collection of blooper photos maintained by an excellent defect expert witness & forensic consultant in the Seattle area.